2011 Tech Predictions

December 29th, 2010 | Posted by Sarah in PureNerdism - (4 Comments)



My favorite nerd moment of the year! I get to play Nostradamus and call out tech predictions next year.


-Apple Makes a TV: Or more specifically, Apple buy cheap Chinese hardware and puts Itunes and Apps on it. Basically in line with their other products.

-Iphone Goes to Verizon: Because VZ has the money to pay for Apple’s licensing deal.

-No 4D Tvs…Yet: The technology is on the way. Think 2012-2013 to be glasses free!

-HD Wii: Better graphics, faster processors something for Ninetendo to boost sales.

-Someone Buys Twitter: I’m thinking a media company: AOL, CNN, TimeWarner.

-iPad Gets Competition: Real competition. Think Google Andriod software paired with a strong hardware companies, Asus or Samsung, and HTC.

-Andriod Cellphones Surpass Apple: Apple holds the #2 position in 2011, but in 2012 Windows make major gains. Blackberry either revamps with OS or partners with Windows or Google by 2012.

-Nokia Joins Team Andriod: Kills Symbian.

-Playstation Phone:
Flops. High powered graphic intense games needs stronger harder than is mainstream for mobile phones as of 2011.

-Skype Adds Ads: Because Google taught us, the money is in advertising!

Groupon Regrets Staying Single: Nothing proprietary there. Ego or sheer nativity will be the downfall of this company. Most businesses are learning that these coupon sites aren’t generating loyal customers, either.



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