Samuel DuBose Body Camera Video

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Why wasn’t the driver asked for his name? Why can’t the officer asked the driver to volunteer his phone for identification? Yes, it takes a court order to access phone records but you can ask for it to be volunteered. With written and video permission. The officer doesn’t know who the driver is. It’s not to say that it’s a grand federal fear but the officer is working on the assumption that the license is suspended or worse which is usually the case when someone doesn’t want to present id. Does it warrant the police pulling his gun- no. If the suspect flees, you drive after him. You call for a helicopter. Believe me, there is not out running a helicopter.

The officer is a campus police officer. Campus. Police. Campus police’s job in other cities is to call for county police when an incident occurs. That is the protocol in other states. County police is subject to more training. Campus police’s job was to detain and identify.But not in Cincinnati. Here is a desciption from their page:

The UC Police Department (UCPD) is a fully empowered law enforcement agency that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All police officers are certified by the state of Ohio and have full police authority. The department currently employs 72 police officers and 26 security officers.

UCPD works closely with the Cincinnati Police Department (CPD) to prevent crime within and around the campus community. Together, UCPD and CPD have partnered with UC’s Institute of Crime Science to utilize real-time data to proactively develop strategies to keep our campus and community safe.

UC Police is organized into four main sections:

Community Engagement
911 communications (dispatch).
Patrol beats are separated into three areas on UC’s main campus – Uptown, East and West. Additional patrols work with Cincinnati Police to cover neighborhoods surrounding UC’s main campus. UCPD also serves UC’s Blue Ash and Clermont campuses.

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