Time to get scared. There have been too many Ouija movies lately and the only thing that does is taint the name. This latest edition tries to rein the series back on track and we can start by thanking Lulu Wilson.

Wilson plays the youngest daughter that’s possessed through the board. In some ways she reminded me of the girl from The Ring. The girl herself as to be creepy and uneasy. Over CGI her and you lose the movie. Most of her scare comes from her mannerisms. There are parts in the movie leading up to her possession where you’re not sure if she’s been taken over yet.

The story centers around her widowed mother and daughters running a sham seance before the demon comes out. Add to this a priest who comes to assist the house of liars which itself is funny.
Elizabeth Reaser and Annalise Basso are solid. They were scared which made me scared. The chaos they added to the movie raise the what is going on factor.

What hurts is the PG-13 rating. It prevented Ouija from going to some truly ridiculous places. The movie itself is erratic enough which helps with tension. Then the ending comes and the whole thing falls flat. This is a case where knowing the ending first and working back would have made all the difference. What seemed to happen is a movie that was R got cut down a rating and it shows.

That doesn’t mean it’s a disaster. It’s creepy but not frightening. Don’t compare it to the Conjuring and the The Ring is in a whole different league. But there is a market for people who want to be scared at a level 5 and that’s where this fits.

For what the movie does, it works. There’s scenes where it becomes a guessing game. If you’re looking for a more raw terror the title comes off as misleading. The story does well until the ending.

Who’s going to see this movie? Tabasco horror fans because it won’t too much. Mostly the 16-35 range.

Rating: 8/10

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