And you thought Friday mornings couldn’t get any better!


★ The question that baffled me all week: why, Imogen Thomas, why?

★ Guilty pleasure: blind gossip. Still, out with the names!

★ Best part about the Oprah Finale? The jokes.

Facebook is not your friend. Was this actually a question?

★ Everyone knows that The Onion is all humor, right? Wrong!

★ No one hates commercials more than I do, but, these always get played!



A Kia parody for bonus points.


The nerdy media center pc becomes main stream.



★ The best part of CNBC was Mark Haines (1946-2011). They don’t make ‘em like that anymore!


★ Scotty Pippen ignits a Twitter uprising. Somewhere, Michael Jordan is playing with his puppet strings.


Boston Celtics Chicago Bulls Miami Heat win the Eastern Conference Championship! Can’t wait to watch them play Kobe and Company the Mavericks.


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