And you thought Fridays couldn’t get any better!


★ Small pig farmers just got scammed out of 60 million dollars.

North Dakota is running anti-Iran deal ads. North Dakota is also in an oil boom. Coincidence- you better believe not.

★ Tech has made constant communication between kids and parents a nightmare for teachers.

★ Your mamma was right about showers and rainstorms.

Map those potholes, Google! Gotta make it easier for the automated cars to adjust!

★ Scammy much? H&R Block.

So, what’s the big deal?

Syria isn’t getting help from it’s rich neighbors. Could it be because they’re funding the insurgence?

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Unemployment down! Drops mic.

★ How dare Marissa Mayer provide for her children?!

★ B.I.A.S. brought to you by Uber.

★ We’ve officially failed the children on Syria.

★ Me, as a mother.

★ Jeb Bush wants to remind you that it’s Asians that are anchors. Cue the stupid drum.

★ Look for more paywalls as Apple jumps on adblocker for Safari.

Love wins and Satan jailed. There’s your corrected headline. Praise Jesus.

★ The pedestrian fight happening in Times Square.

★ Tiny bonita casa.



★ Sony’s new beta phase drone.


★ Women directors talk climbing mountains.


★ The History of Labor Day.


★ Grab some popcorn for college football’s first filmed footage. Yale versus Princeton.


★ Followed by college football 2015 style.


U. Already. Know.

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