Did the Clown Princess figure out the selfie stick? Did Joker snap it in half? WIll that heart wash off? FInd out on this episode of Dragon Ball Z! QOTV: Do you use a selfie stick?

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They’re doing it people! Do I cry over Harley Quinn? Was there a Will Smith freakout? Do I burn Jordan Catalano as Joker? Find out on this episode of Dragon Ball Z! What did you think of the casting? Will DC chip away at Marvel?

No, I don’t know what’s so hard about making a comic book movie in this day and age of CGI. The art work is done. The character’s clothes, their hair, there weapons, their damn shoe laces are detailed in the comics. So why would you go and change the looks of major characters? Simply put, to piss off die hard comic book fans, like me. The ones that will notice. The ones that are coming with our magnifying glasses and torches.


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Harley Quinn is a hard character to cast because Harley Quinn is so multidimensional. She first appeared in the Batman The Animated Series as one of Joker’s henchmen and then received her own comic book out of popularity. I remember because when I first tried to go back and read about Harley, she didn’t exist. I wondered why I had missed her.

The first writing of Harley Quinn has her in an obsessive compulsive relationship with Joker. She starts off as psychiatrist who falls for his elaborate tails of abuse in Arkham Asylum which leads her to free him and and join him on his escape. There relationship is back and forth. She is as absorbed with him as he is with Batman. In her second makeover, she is a psychiatrist who turns herself into a patient to get a better understanding of their trauma. In doing this she breaks order, which has always been something crucial to her character. While playing patient, she gets kissed from Joker. No talking, all lips.


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When her superiors realize what she’s done, she’s reprimanded. Harley runs off with Joker who throws her in a chemical bath that permanently changes her skin to paint white- same as his. In her first story line, her white color was applied makeup. More changed for Harley Quinn in The New 52 origins, her hair changes to red and blue from blonde and a new costume. The biggest change is her falling out with Joker. No more running back which would be foreign to the original Harley. Her new story has her standing on her own and finally makes her a real character. I’m curious to see when the movie will tie in with Poison Ivy, is some of the greatest comic book writing. The friendship between those two, which really, was never suppose to happen, is pure magic. Margot Robbie has some big shoes to fill.


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The Joker. Jared Leto not Jordan Catalano. It’s easy to dismiss him in Ben Affleck Batman rage, but the two are not created equal. First off, do yourself a favor don’t even bother comparing him to Health Ledger. I know it’s hard. Ledger was God as Joker, but just like in the comics, things variate. The reason to give him a welcoming chance is because of Requiem for a Dream and Dallas Byers Club. Mister My-So-Called-Life can act.


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My main criticism of his character, is the teeth. They’re more terrifying than whatever could possibly be going on his head. Are they silver caps? Are they a product of his chemical bath? It’s distracting. I’ll probably be use to it once the movie plays. With Leto’s acting, it will become unnoticeable, but for now, it’s a distraction. Everything else about the character, the tattoos, the hair, the white coloring from his accident, is on point.

So there you have it. Let the speculation begin. This is the second film (after Batman) for DC to give Marvel something to worry about. It should. Besides, I’ve always been more partial to the Suicide Squad than the Avengers. Some individuals are just more badass.

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