Where is Thanos? Is this the Star Lord movie? Find out on this episode of Dragon Ball Z!


This is the story of Star Lord. The beauty of part two of this series is the movie plays like a volume from the comic-book. The plot revolves around Peter Quill and his father (Kurt Russell). This might not seem like a big deal but a huge part of the Guardians universe isn’t the villains it’s the Guardians before they ever became superheros. This episode does gorgeous work of giving you a Star Lord anthology.



Here’s the problem for movie goers. You want the Hangover two. Don’t argue with me. Read every review coming out and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. You don’t want good story telling. You don’t want monochromatic pieces slowly coming together. You want the same story told all over again with a different bad guys.



The beauty of this plot is it sets up what we’ve all been waiting for. Part three must get to Thanos and Gamora. Star Lord and his father seem to be setting up out next offspring pairing. The one place this series bumbles is not including more Thanos early on. We’ve seen more Nebula than him which makes little sense except for the fact that Karen Gillian was promised screen time in her contract. Here’s where else this episode didn’t come together. Forced humor. It was overplayed this time around. The plot was meant to be more somber and forcing comedy where the joke is done never works. Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, and Drax the Destroyer all get cut down in this episode.

Despite all that this volume still works. They balanced good comic-book story while giving you elements of the original movie. It was nothing short of brave to say, “hey, we’re telling Peter Quill’s story, take it or leave it.” They did it and it worked and you get enough post credit scenes to last you two years until the next movie.



Demographic: 18-35 skews male, and all comic-book fans
Estimated gross: 174 million
Ratings: 8 out of 10 Duffies

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