As elusive as a Bigfoot- that’s how my mind renders Google’s StreetView cars. You know they’re out there. Photographing us. Making Google Maps the best thing that’s happen to the internet since online pizza ordering, but have you ever seen one. I haven’t. Not ever. Fantastic things like this don’t happen to me. It did however happen to my best friend in Miami, Florida. As he walked right outside his apartment-BAM!

“Take pictures for me!” I begged him. “Why can’t I run into a Google car.”

“Okay, but I have to find my camera.”

We’re not social photographers. We like real lenses.

Imagine how thrilled I was to find these in my inbox.

“You should tweet them!” I enthused.

“Nah. Have fun with them.”

I told you we’re not social.

Behold. I give you a Google StreetView car in all it’s glory!



For the record, the car was legally parked in a residential space. No metered parking required for this spot.


★ Probably the only time parking authority will leave you alone- courtesy of Google power.


Photos courtesy of @EyeLikeCake. Photographed in Miami Beach, Florida.

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