Rogue One Trailer 3 Review

October 13th, 2016 8:39 pm | Posted by Sarah in Movies & TV | YouTube Videos


If Felicity Jones does nothing else with this trailer maybe she’ll put to rest the whole filler Star Wars episode rants. First thing, this is how you cut a preview. We finally get to see who is Jones, why is she part of the rebellion, all with a micro-second of Darth Vader.

Introduced is Jyn Erso’s father? Who is he? The likelihood is that he’s not part of the rebellion. Star Wars has always grabbed us with the father storylines. It’s done so well. Even in episode seven we’re still trying to search our brain for Rey’s parents. (My money is on her being the daughter of Erso and Skywalker.)



Next to plot is the supporting characters Riz Ahmed, Diego Luna, and Donnie Chen. She needs this to make the movie a standalone and not a mere prequel. Erso even has a brother that’s revealed through casting but not the trailer.



So far so good. The movie stealer look to be Vader. We get him for a second and he might be two minutes in the whole movie but his absence in seven set us up for this anticipation. December sixteenth, people. You’ve been warned.

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