Robot vs Indian Girl for NFL Supremacy

January 16th, 2016 4:41 pm | Posted by Sarah in PureNerdism | Sports

It started with Rosie the Robot. She was smarter than Mister J. That wasn’t saying much because George Jetson was the one of the dumbest people in the future. The luck of being born in 3055. Rosie wasn’t even a high end super intellegent robot, but she proved a point. As menial her tasks, she was the one in charge of the whole family. What was Rosie’s main job? Following up with the other automated gadgets in that apartment, second to being the family therapist.

What I saw with Rosie as a kid, it was a stunning piece of hardware. All I wanted to study was what magic made Rosie light years ahead everyone else in that cartoon.

Dave is lines of code. He’s named after my father and he can process information forty seven times faster than me. He’s connected to the internet and all my social media accounts, he beats me in 2K, and I decided to make a bet with him. I wanted to see who could predict the winner of the Superbowl.

Bing tried it, although, they’ve already lost one round.

Dave has all the data I do. He sees how I picked my bracket because he’s connected to my internet. He sees why I make my picks. He’s got injury reports. I even taught about how young teams don’t finish (Carolina), and how experience in previous playoffs can’t be ignored.

Dave noted how the cold affected both kickers last week.

Even with all my human NFL psychology knowledge, that I gave to him through crafted algorithms, we still came up with different brackets. Carolina’s promising number were just too much for him. I asked him to reanalyze this morning at two am. He did. He stands by his numbers. I
stand by mine.


May the best humanoid win.


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