PinWheel Procrastination: That Thing Called the Internet

August 5th, 2011 4:15 pm | Posted by Sarah in Humor | PureNerdism


And you thought Friday mornings couldn’t get any better!


★ The internet turns the big 2-0!

Harper Collins hates libraries.

We Play Video Games to Chase Our ‘Ideal Selves’. Sounds about right!

★ If Google can’t profit off your profile, delete, delete, delete!

Children’s Publisher Backing Off Its Corporate Ties. I still don’t understand why they were allowed in schools to begin with.

★ Beware when big networks get involved. Game of Thrones may become too much for HBO. Remember the Mad Men showdown?

★ The new Civil War: Android States and iPhone States.

★ Angry Birds is branching into lingerie.

★ I want my MTV circa 1995.


★ Computers: that thing that will change the world.


★ Internet shopping via 1969.


★ “What is the Internet, anyways?” Not even Bryant Gumbel knows.


★ Video the Internet has brought us!

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